About Lucky Cole

I grew up in Miami Springs, Florida. First started my style of photography in 1955 while working for my Aunt Violet Walker as a male model. She owned and operated Charmette Modeling in Miami Springs on the circle. My wife, Maureen and I now live and work in the Florida Everglades. We have three acres, that we have built into what could be called movie sets. Although our sets are used just for our photography. I’ve been doing Glamorous Photography all my life and love it. All of my clients are just average women of all sizes and ages. None are professional models. Although sometimes it hard to tell the difference when I look at some of there captures.

Glamorous photos in the natural settings of the Florida Everglades. We pride ourselves in placing our clients in distinctive, and exciting settings. Settings that will spark the imagination, and that will create a vision specifically designed for your shoot.

There are no limited to our creativity.

Imagine yourself as that Playboy Centerfold you’ve always dreamed to be, or the sexy biker chick posing with your ride in a natural environment. Imagine yourself  in an Enchanting land of Angels and fairies, of Belly Dancers and queens. Lucky Cole works with you to create exotic yet tasteful images where you can become as mystifying, or mischievous as you wish with no restrictions of limitations.

We professionally place you in a comfortable setting where we artfully pose you unclad, or in that Sexy Bikini. How about trying that favorite Lingerie in an outdoor setting or on the Seat of a Harley? This can be done in the most discrete, alluring or exciting way you would like. We can even make you feel like you’re in the old West, posing as an outlaw with your six shooter.  The potential for creativity is unlimited and the opportunity to make it real possible.

What are you waiting for?

If you or yours friends are interested in participating in a photo shoot by Lucky Cole, please feel free to contact us today using the contact form on our page. We would be more than happy to speak to you in order to get an idea of what you wish to do. We specialize in providing a professional, discreet service catered to your wishes within a safe and friendly environment. With Lucky Cole there is no need to worry, his outstanding reputation is only exceeded by his passion for photography and for making his models feel clam, comfortable and at ease.

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